Preserving the Banjara embroidery art while supporting the community

Kaddirampura, located at a walking distance from the UNESCO Heritage site of Hampi, houses around nine hundred members of the Lambhani-Banjara tribe who are now facing the danger of fading self-identity and skills. Alcoholism and marital violence, which Do we need the plural? are? rampant throughout the community, further aggravate the balance of their lives and hamper their children’s education.

In this environment, a young Lambhani-Banjara woman – Laxmi Naik – has risen to fight against the decline of her community and founded Surya’s Garden.

Founded and registered in 2005 under the name “Surya Lambhani-Banjara Women Welfare Trust”, its goals include the welfare of Banjara women and children of the Hampi area and the revival of the endangered Banjara embroidery art. The running capital is ensured by the profits of the activity.