“Originating from the Marwar region of Rajasthan, India, the Banjara were once wealthy nomadic traders and carriers of goods. Today they struggle, like most of India’s tribal groups, to maintain their traditions and their identity.”

“Surya’s Garden” is a trust founded by Laxmi Naik, a Lambhani-Banjara from Hampi in Karnataka, India. Through the Trust, the Banjara embroideresses are reviving ancient skills and producing meticulous work. Each piece is unique and the quality of the embroidery gives new life to forgotten motifs.

Surya’s Garden aims to build a community workshop, provide free medical care for the gifted needle workers, and help sustain a school sponsoring program for children. Financially liberating Banjara women will reawaken a sense of solidarity and enable them to assert their ancestral identity.